Comorian Custom News.

The Director General of Customs, Mr. SOUEF KAMALIDINI, participated in the first Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF).

The Director General of Comorian Customs, Mr. SOUEF KAMALIDINI, did attend the first Intra-African Trade Fair (IATF) as Chairman of the Sub-Committee of Directors General of Customs of the African Union....Read more

Successful WCO Leadership and Management Development (LMD) Workshop held at Comoros Customs Moroni, 3 - 14 December 2018

Over the past two years the Comoros Customs Administration has been fully committed to wide-ranging reform and modernization. Since then, management has made it a strategic priority to develop staff competencies across the board, both in technical and managerial areas. As part of this process and thanks to support from the Finnish Fund, an LMD Workshop was organized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and co-facilitated by two experts from Canadian Customs and the WCO Secretariat. The workshop was held in Moroni from 3 to 14 December 2018 and was offered to 20 managers (five women and fifteen men) representing the operational and central Customs departments....Read more


On Monday, 3rd December, 2018, the Opening Ceremony of the Training Workshop on Leadership and Development of managerial staff of the Comorian Customs was held at 9:00 am at the Golden Tulip, which will take place until December 14, 2018....Read more

Economic Council of the French Embassy in the Union of Comoros.

The Economic Council of the French Embassy in Comoros, which takes place twice a year, was held in Moroni on 27th November, 2018. It saw the participation of French companies based in Comoros and some others in the region, particularly in Madagascar.
In the margins of the Council, the Ambassador of France, Mrs. Jacqueline Bassa-Mazzoni, organized a Lunch-Debate in which took part in addition to the participants in the Council, some representatives of institutions and local economic operators, the World Bank, the European Union and the Comoros Ministry of Foreign Affairs....Read more

The Director General of Customs received members of the Peer Review Program of the Pan African Union Statistical Program.

This Wednesday,24th October , 2018, from 09:30, in the Conference Room of the Ministry of Finance and Budget, the Director General of Customs, Mr. SOUEF Kamalidini received, in the presence of the Head of External Relations, Mrs. DJAMILA Radjabou and the Head of the AService, Mr NASSILA Youssouf Hamadi, members of the Peer Review Program of the Pan African Statistical Program of the African Union Member States....Read more

Latest edition of WCO News now available

The WCO has published the 87th edition of WCO News, the Organization’s flagship magazine aimed at the Customs community, which provides a selection of informative articles that touch the international Customs and trade landscape....Read more