Procedure for obtaining approval

The approval of customs broker is given by the Minister of Finance and Budget on the proposal of the General Director of Customs after opinion of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Handicrafts.

The application for approval of a customs broker, drawn up on free paper, is sent to the General Diretor of Customs. It must indicate the customs offices where the profession of customs agent is carried out and be accompanied by the documents cited below:

a. A copy of the statute

b. An amplification of the liberation in which the president and, possibly, the General Director, the agent or agents are all stated , unless they are statuary;

c. A statement by the chairman of the board of directors giving the composition of the board, if any, and giving the surname and first name, the place and date of birth and the nationality of its members or, if not, a statement by a manager stating his place and date of birth and, where applicable, those of the co-managers and indicating the nationality of the latests.

d. A certificate of nationality, an extract of criminal record No. 3, an extract of birth certificate, a discharge issued by the tax office and a vital curriculum supported by a certificate issued by a Customs or Transit High School or proof of professional experience in customs matters covering a minimum period of five years issued by the President of the Council or, where applicable, by the General Director or as the case may be by the manager.

e. A statement by the president, the managing director or a manager stating that the applicant has the establishment provided for in Article 11 below for customs agents:

f. A letter of guarantee in which the credit institution declares to respond jointly and severally as the principal for the services of companies and societies, the application will be accompanied, in addition to the documents cited in a and f above, a statement from the company's manager stating the composition of his professional reporting service.

g. The authorized customs broker cannot perform an act of his profession with all the offices for which his approval is valid only after having justified to the general director of customs of the documents mentionned below:

1- The production of a certificate of the professional group of customs agents certifying that it has joined this group and that it has undertaken to comply with the obligations incumbent on its members.

2-must have in each of the geographical zones for which the authorization is valid, except derogation granted by the general director of customs, of an establishment in which must be preserved within a period

3- the documents of his profession must be valid for minimum 5 years (directories, correspondence, accounting documents) referred to in Article 71 of the Customs Code.

4- A bank guarantee approved by the General Director of Customs. The amount of the guarantee is fixed at three million for all the localities in which the commissionaire has obtained the approval. This warranty is only mandatory for holders of a collection credit.

Accreditation is further conditioned on the successful completion of the suitability test organized by the Customs.