Ours missions

The General Directorate of Comorian Customs comes under the Ministry of Finance and the Budget. It is an administration serving citizens and businesses. Its first strive is to meet the needs of businesses to support competitiveness, customs revenue, and citizen protection requirements, with the understanding that it is responsible for implementing and enforcing legislative and regulatory provisions which both are under the movement of goods, people and the different types of transport on the entry and exit of the national territory.

1. The tax mission

The tax mission is the best known by the public since it is way preponderant and concerns the collection of duties and taxes payable on goods in terms of importation and exportation.

The customs action is exercised on the base, the liquidation of duties, taxes and fees collected at the entry and exit of the national territory on behalf of the budget of the country or on behalf of other administrations.

The customs revenue represents 41.8% of the budget revenue of the country.

2. The economic mission

By ensuring the surveillance and control of foreign trade, our customs carries out a mission of protection and promotion of the national economy. All Goods crossing borders are subject to duties and taxes whose rates are modulated in such a way to make the local products more competitive but also fights against unfair competition.

By developing external trade statistics, the customs administration allows operators to carry out market research and public authorities to have the necessary information for decision-making.

Finally, Customs contributes to the impetus and dynamism of national economic activity through mechanisms of suspension of rights, the granting of benefits related to economic regimes and special regimes.

As an extension of the above missions, another mission appeared with the requirements of globalization. Its purpose is to simplify and speed up customs clearance procedures that can be made possible through the development of the ASYCUDA WORLD computer system which is best known by SYDONIAWorld.

3. The security mission

This mission is guided by the exuberance of the traffic in goods and the forms of criminality that continue to grow day after day.

This merely consists of fighting against all kinds of illegal traffic; narcotics, weapons, explosives, animal and plant species threatened with extinction, to protect the consumer from substandard products to control the circulation of civilian or military products, radioactive products and those of cultural and to fight against the introduction of products likely to undermine public morals.