Issues and challenges

Comorian customs had faced countless challenges with the developing trade and integration programs in rapidly changing economic zones and markets hence, partners such as the World Trade Organization (WTO), the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), the IMF, the World Customs Organization (WCO), COMESA are institutions which are accompanying the modernization process of the administration.

The computerization of our customs clearance system with the integration of ASECUSA, the capacity building of our agents as well as the customs governance are all instruments and means allowing the Comorian customs to be in the international norms and standards.

However, despite these efforts, Comorian Customs needs to innovate, to cope with current technological changes, to further simplify procedures in order to respond effectively to the needs of the population and the demands of public policies.
Globalization brings new needs which integrate with traditionally recognized customs missions. To cope with this, a policy of facilitation of formalities is essential in order to minimize the transaction costs of economic operators, to increase trade and generally to remove the obstacles likely to prevent the passage of goods at the borders.

The development of terrorism and organized crime imposes safety and security requirements. Thus, the customs administration keeps strengthening all kind of controls to better ensure the protection of our citizens. The shared vision today is in the yard of modern customs because, it consists of implementing a policy of securing revenue, strengthening border security and controlling the logistics chain.

With regard to Comorian customs, the year 2017 was marked by a lot of effort in terms of simplifying customs clearance procedures.

The major challenges for 2018 are to consolidate the gains and continue to upgrade the reforms for a strong, effective and efficient customs service for the development of our country.

Steps will be taken to improve the level of revenue collection. A control system will be put in place to make the complete supply chain information available to enable Customs to improve its risk assessment capabilities.
The fight against fraud remains one of the major projects of 2018. In this perspective, the General Custom aims to put in place scanners in the customs clearance centers of Moroni and Mutsamudu for goods at higher or lower risk. The use of this modern tool will contribute to the simplification, speed, transparency and rationalization of controls.
The shared vision today is to bring Comorian customs to the challenges of modernity.