Ministry of Finance: the reforms initiated at Comorian Customs are fruitful.

17-07-2018 01:55
The data available in the Central Revenue Department of Customs, show an achievement of 103% compared to the objectives set by the Minister of Finance for the first half of 2018.

Just like the first quarter of 2018, with 112% of achievement in relation to the objectives set by the Minister in charge of Finance and Budget, the Customs Services have exceeded the targets set for the first half of 2018 with a rate of 103%, 10 billion 076 million Comorian francs. This amount does not take into account customs revenue collected under the single duties and taxes levied on petroleum products and ordinary rice.

Comparing with this year’s half quarter and the one in 2017, the customs services recorded an increase of 13.09%, an amount of 1 billion 167 million Comorian franc.

As a reminder, the Finance Act of 2018, excluding single taxes on petroleum products and ordinary rice, has set an amount of 20 billion 866 million Comorian francs for the yearly revenue . The General Directorate of Customs is optimistic for the second half of 2018, as more than half of the expected annual revenue has been collected before the end of the first half year.

In his intervention in the last Weekly Council, the accountant of customs, Mr. Zaki Ben Salim declared in detail the results recorded by every center of Comorian Customs; the total revenue for Moroni-Port center is 67.66%; 28.02% for the center of Mutsamudu; 2.58% for Hahaya Airport and 1.74% for Fomboni Customs Center, Moheli.

The case of the center of Mutsamudu, Anjouan is very particular. Usually, its revenue rate was around 18 to 20 percent of total revenue. However, since mid-2017, this rate has fluctuated between 28% and 30% of total revenue.

The reasons of this general performance are to be found in the measures taken in order to secure the revenues deployed over the past two years, through the strict application of procedures and provisions of Customs Code, the modernization of the means and tools of work, the partnership with the private sector, the professionalization of the customs brokerage function (freight forwarders), but especially the capacity building of the Customs officers, both in the centers and in the different directorates. This strengthening is done with the support of multilateral partners such as the WCO, UNCTAD, the African Union, the IMF and the WB. Comorian customs is also supported by bilateral cooperation such as those of China and the kingdoms of Morocco and Belgium.

Likewise, the policy of cooperation between the customs and tax authorities, which was sought and promoted by the Minister in charge of Finance and Budget, Mr. Said Ali Said Chayhane, plays a big role in the performances recorded by the two administrations.

The role of the customs services is clearly visible to the authorities and the population, in the daily efforts done to the Government for the welfare of the population and for the participation in the development of the country.

The Director General of Customs, Mr. Souef Kamalidini, can today be delighted by these highly beneficial results, which further strengthen the credibility of Comorian customs, with a view to the strict application of legal texts, in particular the Finance Law voted by the representatives of the Population ,the National Assembly.

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